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Knitting for nerds…

Sometimes, my two favorite things come together and make beautiful babies…

Hellboy (look at his teensy little six-pack!!)

Little Endless Amigurumi

The Most Beautiful Sweater in the World

And of course… the HAT.



Note To The Lost

This is the only picture of Cassie Hack with clothes on that I could find.

This is the only picture of Cassie Hack with clothes on that I could find IN ZEH ENTIRE INTERNETS.

One of the most frequent searches that ends up steering people to this here blog is, “hack/slash.” It’s ironic, because it’s a comic only mentioned in passing (and rather dismissively), at the very bottom of my Hembeck 100 Things I Love About Comics list— largely congratulating myself on my good taste/sense for avoiding said title. Yay, me.

So given that googling “hack/slash,” brings folks to this site, I might as well offer the barest (har har) of reasons for objecting to the comic, and maybe supply some useful information to fans of the crotch-shottiest, faux-gothiest, generally crappy soft-porn comic to ever create marketing synergy with the Suicide Girls.

Actually, I think that last sentence pretty much covers it.

P.S. Actual pornography is plentiful for those searching (because you’re obviously not reading Hack/Slash for the story), there’s decent survival horror out there worth reading, and if you want to see some Suicide Girl style punk/goth-ish ladies– why not just go to the damn site (or any of its many derivatives)?

P.P.S. I have to say I feel silly linking to available alternate sources of porn on the internet– it’s sort of like pointing out the stripes on a zebra or the (unlovely) lumps on a Fergie. Just saying, is all.

RE: Nunchucks? More Like Fun-Chucks!

So, Chris Sims the Invincible Superblogger posted an epic tale of Brave & Bold Lego Adventurin’ that was subsequently illustrated by ISB reader Kate Holden leading to more illustrations and inspiration for an ISB contest. The rules? Simply illustrate Batman wielding nunchuks made up of something that is not traditionally used for the making of nunchuks. So, here’s my entry and possibly the first in a series…

Disclaimer: Any Laffs™ associated with this post may require prior knowledge of Goddamn Batman, his sidekicks, and a more abstract and generally affable response to Nunchuku-related humours.