Watchm–dear god, this thing is over three hours long!

My Watchmen Director’s Cut arrived in the mail yesterday. I watched it. Here are my thoughts…


*Dr. Manhattan disappearing all the reporters and cameras, the way he did in the comic, instead of jetting right up to Mars.

*More Rorschach. His character gets more time, and he’s truer to the comic. The psych-evaluation is more detailed, and you get to see more of his weird attitude toward Laurie, and women in general.

*Hollis Mason’s death and Dan’s reaction. This scene was my favorite. Despite the terrible un-scariness of the knot-tops (they look like a bunch of pudgy middle-aged grips and dollies and best boys and whatever other sorts of people work on movie lots), the scene itself was great. When it is switching in and out of Hollis Mason’s perspective and you see that he’s fighting all his old-timey nemeses…it’s quite touching. And very beautifully put together.

*The tiny bit of extra interaction between the Comedian and Laurie in her flashback.

*Sweet holographic cover, dudes!!

*Extra blue wang…j/k guys. I don’t even know if there is more. I have some sort of a blue wang filter on my life goggles that prevents me from noticing it until someone blatantly points it out to me.

*The general feeling that the whole movie makes a lot more sense.

Did not like:

*The extra Laurie. I felt just fine about her performance in the theatrical cut because she was every bit as lame as the Laurie in the comic. The director’s cut adds some long and unnecessary scenes that try to make her out to be some sort of tough no-nonsense badass. It’s in no way true to the original character, only serves to highlight her subpar acting skills and plays like something out of a completely different movie. That said, I DID like that they focused more on her relationship with Jon as a military imperative.

*Not specifically a gripe with the director’s cut, but now that Chris mentioned it, I cannot help but notice the glaring lack of saxophone on the soundtrack.

*Also not a director’s cut gripe, but the old people makeup is still really distracting.

And finally…

Had me going, “WTF??!!”:

*”Mommy, that man in the ship, that man….IS HE JESUS?”


I will bet anyone $10 that Zach Snyder LOVED that line. I bet he was like, “YES! YES THIS IS IT!” and everyone else was like, “Man, actually that’s kind of lame. I think we might have to leave that out.” and Zach Snyder was like, “Screw you guys, I’M THE DIRECTOR! It’s goin’ in the director’s cut!”

In closing:




4 responses to “Watchm–dear god, this thing is over three hours long!

  1. JenniferRuth

    *Extra blue wang…j/k guys. I don’t even know if there is more. I have some sort of a blue wang filter on my life goggles that prevents me from noticing it until someone blatantly points it out to me.

    Oh, I don’t know…I kinda like it… :)

  2. The director’s cut has been sitting on my coffee table since Tuesday. I will watch it this weekend when I can devote 87 hours of my day to sitting on the couch.

    Mostly I am just commenting to tell you that I approve of this macro and of your internet skillz.

    Also, check it out nerds. I’m in wordpress. I will commence with the bloggery soon.

  3. mcarteratthemovies

    I’m a fan of long movies if they don’t seem long. “Watchmen,” despite some great characters and a few great effects (re: extra-blue wang), seemed every minute as long as it was. I thought Jackie Earle Haley was the perfect choice to play Rorschach; nobody does ungodly menace like this guy (who was in the original “Bad News Bears” movies)! And I thought Jeffrey Dean Morgan did a fine job as The Comedian, who is by far my favorite character. But Malin Ackerman sickens me. Why does she have a career? Oh, right — she looks awesome in that slutty yellow jacket getup.

    M. Carter at the Movies

  4. I agree…Malin Ackerman was the most confounding casting choice of the decade. But the theatrical cut was definitely more tolerable in that respect. Her lameness was maintained at an acceptable level.

    Jamie….I SO CALLED your wordpress username. I know your brain too well.