Le Sigh

Sometimes, most times, I think I should be a lot more dedicated to my writing and updating of this here thing. And then sometimes, I wonder why, oh god why do people look at this misbegotten stain I call a blog. A while back I made note of the fact that many of the site views are coming from folks who probably don’t want to be here, arriving by the magickal musings of Google and sometimes Google Image Search. Fortunes have not improved for those cast upon the spiny shores of my sporadically updated internet fiefdom, as the reporting on recent Search Engine Terms that led here will illustrate. Going through the Terms is sort of a rorschach test reflection of this here blog, so here is an abridged list of said Search Engine Terms, in descending order of frequency with my commentary in parentheses.

  • spider girl (I’ve since deleted the image file and half-assed post that discussed my general dislike of this type of teen character, the “Daughter from an Alternate Universe,” largely because these characters are bereft of originality and any inspiration, in addition to the discomfort caused by the awkward sexualization inherent in these characters who are often marketed to young females, as if giving Spider-man boobs is some great gift to feminists and female comic fans.)
  • spidergirl (And yet…)
  • spider-girl (…she must be popular, somehow. What do I know about girls or popularity or anything else, anyway?)
  • hack/slash (Case in point.)
  • hack slash (*sigh*)
  • batman shark (Conversely, these are words that I would encourage the strongest association with in every aspect of my life.)
  • shark repellent (Yes, PMA is making it happen!)
  • batman shark repellent (Three-fer.)
  • cesar romero (Again, a boon to my blog.)
  • russian painter (I have no idea.)
  • joker brian azzarello sex (Still think this book sucks.)
  • bruce the rubber shark (Again, awesome such associations shall remain.)
  • spider girl pics (Really? Still?)
  • rob liefeld (Well, you can’t win them all.)
  • peanuts comics with references to god (Surprisingly specific search there.)
  • teen ass (Ye gods, I hope this blog was a wood-killer.)
  • batman and sharks (More to celebrate.)
  • rubber dungeon (Again, no idea.)
  • too short mini skirts (While I’m generally “pro-boner,” again in this case I hope my writings here have banished all erections which may have mistakenly arrived here.)
  • “all star goddamn batman” (Oh, Franky.)
  • cin cite sexxxxxy (Oh, cranky Franky, Frank, Frank, Frrrank, Frank-a-doodle, Frankenheimer.)
  • spectacular boobs (Spectacular!)
  • powerful woman (Well, that’s a change of pace.)
  • batman and shark (How we love the status quo.)
  • batman, shark (In all its permutations, these words are beautiful.)
  • P.S. Ironically, including all these terms in this post will promote further association with these terms and damn me to an ever spiralling level of meta-commentary blogging about blogging purgatory.


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