In Case You Were Wondering…

Mortal Kombat vs. the DC Universe is just as stupid as you thought it would be. The characters models are embarassing in their attempts to be “extreme” and/or sexy, the gameplay and special moves are dull, voice acting is predictably bad, just a general lack of imagination in every conceivable category. And the fatalaties– the only real draw of an MK game are  all pretty lame as a whole. They’re all familiar MK moves with DCU character models swapped in. You’d think that maybe they could’ve come up with some new stuff (especially for the DCU’s “Heroic Brutalities”) but I didn’t see a single thing that didn’t make me yawn when I saw it in 1996.

Since the fatalaties are pretty much the only reason to check out the game, here’s a link to an appropriately poor quality youtube video of all the various fatalities.


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