Aaaaaand… I’m Back!

Ahoy hoi, my friends I’ve been away for too long but I’m back to blogging and all that. So the past couple weeks of single issues haven’t really thrilled me, but I recently reread the first part of post-apocalyptic fantasy epic, The Mourning Star by local comic artist Kaz Strzepek. Strzepek seems to get a lot of his inspiration from the country of Japan, as the story appears to draw on manga, video game, and anime influences– while retaining a sense of humor (honed in his mini-comics) and visual aesthetic that is unique to its author. In a more general sense, my favorite fantasy stories are those that blend their swashbuckling with clever cracks of wit and The Mourning Star‘s greatest strength is the balance struck between its comedy and  action, which leavens the potentially dreary themes of its post-apocalyptic world. Imagine reading a Final Fantasy game populated by the sorts of characters in Bone and Studio Ghibli films and you might have an idea of The Mourning Star’s tone.

In The Mourning Star, society is recovering from a cataclysmic comet strike, divided into remote communities of survivors. The Rule, an oppressive regime employing a group of vicious assassins is sweeping the countryside to take control of the villages with some resistance met in a loosely organized group of rebels. There are a number of parallel storylines in The Mourning Star that give us just enough information we need to know about the world without illuminating all its mysteries. Away from the larger conflict of the Rule’s conquests, the two key stories follow an amnesiac warrior known as the “Scissor Sniper,” and a teen named Klavir who’s searching the wasteland for his childhood sweetheart along with Futch his “dream-eater,” a sort of ghostly familiar. There’s a mix of modern technology, feudal weaponry, some invented technology, as well as some creatives uses for scissors and razor-wire by some of the story’s more fearsome warriors.

Click on the excerpt below for a short “prequel” to the series featuring the Scissor Sniper…

Click for the rest of the story

Click for the rest of the story


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