Update: Moved but Disconnected

So most of our crap is out of the boxes which held them and the house is coming together (replete with a studio/office space for drawing comic-y things). Buuut, internet has yet to be connected so, blogging remains lite, but in the meantime you should go over to my sidebar and read some good blogging about comics and such.

Also, if you’re a resident of the greater Seattle area, there’s a weeklong alcohol-fueld fundraiser for my favorite non-profit all-ages music and arts venue: the Vera Project. See “adults” can help “the kids” by drinking Redhook and Dewars, whose proceeds will go straight to Vera. Everybody wins! I’ll be hanging out collecting donations (and drinking lots of whiskey and beers) at King’s on Friday night, will probably go to the Hazelwood tonight and maybe Cha Cha or Hattie’s tomorrow. Anyhow, check out adrinkforthekids.org and if you want more information on the epic awesomeness of the Vera Project, check them out at theveraproject.org.


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