Note To The Lost

This is the only picture of Cassie Hack with clothes on that I could find.

This is the only picture of Cassie Hack with clothes on that I could find IN ZEH ENTIRE INTERNETS.

One of the most frequent searches that ends up steering people to this here blog is, “hack/slash.” It’s ironic, because it’s a comic only mentioned in passing (and rather dismissively), at the very bottom of my Hembeck 100 Things I Love About Comics list— largely congratulating myself on my good taste/sense for avoiding said title. Yay, me.

So given that googling “hack/slash,” brings folks to this site, I might as well offer the barest (har har) of reasons for objecting to the comic, and maybe supply some useful information to fans of the crotch-shottiest, faux-gothiest, generally crappy soft-porn comic to ever create marketing synergy with the Suicide Girls.

Actually, I think that last sentence pretty much covers it.

P.S. Actual pornography is plentiful for those searching (because you’re obviously not reading Hack/Slash for the story), there’s decent survival horror out there worth reading, and if you want to see some Suicide Girl style punk/goth-ish ladies– why not just go to the damn site (or any of its many derivatives)?

P.P.S. I have to say I feel silly linking to available alternate sources of porn on the internet– it’s sort of like pointing out the stripes on a zebra or the (unlovely) lumps on a Fergie. Just saying, is all.


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