All Star Goddamn Batman Recall

All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder has been Frank Miller’s self-parodying gift to bloggers, who have yet to determine whether its epic crappiness as a comic is deliberate or (probably) not. While the jury is still out on that question, in a dashing stroke of magnanimity Miller (and DC’s editorial department) have given the interwebs yet another gift. Truly their cups runneth over.

Funnybook Babylon has the scoop on an ASBARBW #10’s recall, which was caused by a botched attempt to censor Miller’s salty dialogue. The cuss words were to be printed with black bars to obscure the profanity (which maybe shouldn’t have been printed at all if they didn’t want folks to read it?) but as can be seen in the example below (also from the folks at Funnybook Babylon), you can still make out the swears. Check out their original article for more examples of the offending language, and repeated references (within 2 consecutive panels?!) to Batgirl as a “sweet piece,” and “jailbait.” Ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a round of applause for Frank Miller, keeping dialogue fresh and classy as a waft of FeBreeeeeze in your pee-hole.


2 responses to “All Star Goddamn Batman Recall

  1. This is awesome. I like that the comics are getting worse and worse, they are so bad they’re great. This is like the Showdown in Little Tokyo of comics.

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